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5 Ways Your Organization Can Benefit From Event Marketing

Event marketing (aka experiential marketing) is an opportunity to bring your brand to life. Effective event marketing strategies will create a sustainable positive impression on consumers. Designing a memorable and engaging experience is the key to success.  Your goal could be to increase brand awareness, launch a new product, highlight a service, or promote a sale.  Here are 5 ways your organization can benefit from event marketing.

Brand Positioning

A strategic event marketing plan positions your brand in the market accordingly. Where does your organization fit in the marketplace? How do you want to set your brand apart from competitors? With creative messaging, visuals, and activities, events are an opportunity for consumers to experience the difference of your brand live.  Telling your brands story in a way that inspires your business and taps into our human need for experiences and connection.

Database Growth

Events draw an attendance of qualified consumers. Qualified consumers are consumers who have already expressed an interest in your brand. They’ve seen your event advertised.  Decided to attend.  And walked through the doors with anticipation. Customers that have a positive experience will leave wanting more. More excitement, more updates, and more of your brand. Making it easier to sign them up to your database.

Inquiry Generation

Event marketing creates excitement and develops curiosity resulting in inquiries.  Setting the tone with a live atmosphere and relevant brand messaging that welcomes.  Inspiring consumers to explore your brand and ask questions. Inquiries can lead to sales on the spot and/or down the line.  Event marketing is so impactful that conversion can even happen as late as six months to a year after the customer has attended an event.  Revealing the power of a positive experience and brand loyalty.


A well-planned event marketing strategy generates sales.  In why event marketing should be part of your marketing strategy, we learn people buy from people they like and trust.  Events create an unforgettable experience that brings customers face-to-face with your brand and its people.  Making way for a connection deeper than point and click.  Event marketing strategies can be as memorable as the first concert you’ve ever been to or a milestone celebration. They capitalize on the art of the soft sale (selling with subtle persuasion).  Facilitating sales through memorable live experiences.

Brand Loyalty

Have you ever fallen in love with a brand that fulfilled all of your needs? Consumers subconsciously remember a feeling associated with a brand. Even if they don’t remember the brand name or advertising. We often purchase based on emotion.  This is what makes engaging with consumers on an emotional level integral.  With a well-planned event marketing strategy, your brand will build brand loyalty through an emotional connection first.  Leveraging your brands values in a lasting meaningful way which increases loyalty.  Focusing on the products and services your brand offers second.


Event marketing strategies can help your brand stand out from the crowd, grow your database, increase brand loyalty, generate inquiry and sales. Successful event marketing strategies will connect your brand on an emotional and subconscious level.  Allowing you to sustainably growing your brand.

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